1. Determine what is going INTO THE SAFE.
Imagine the items that you want to put into your new safe. Do you need to look at gun safes that can hold your firearms, or do you only need a wall safe to protect papers and small valuables?

2. Take a look at the size of your items and choose from wall, floor, and drop safes a little bigger than what you think you need.
You will thank us for this bit of advice later down the road. Many of our customers discover additional papers and items to put into their floor safe once they have it in their home or office. You now know how much space you need.

3. Measure the area where you are going to be installing the safe.
This is another consideration for the wall or floor safes which will be right for you. You may have a cabinet that you need exact measurements for or you may have a room that can accommodate several sizes. It is very important to know where the office or depository safe is going to be installed because this will determine the size and type of safe you buy.